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Applications for Sidewalls

May 08, 2018

American Tent & Sidewall is committed to providing our customers with the best in custom made pole and frame tents, as well as vinyl sidewalls. To learn more about how we can best serve your needs, contact us today!

Custom made tents are what got us into the business, but we are equally as proud to provide our customers with the best in high-quality vinyl sidewalls as well. In this blog, we’ll take a brief look at some of the ways that our sidewalls can work for you, be it at home, at an outdoor event or at your restaurant.


Do you own or operate a restaurant and need to accommodate more patrons than you initially thought you would? Custom-made vinyl sidewalls are a great way to enclose a portion of your outdoor property and make it easy to meet the needs of additional customers, without having to make costly and invasive additions to your facility. You’ll be able to continue providing your patrons with fantastic indoor service, while cutting wait times by giving your customers the option of sitting inside or outside. Plus, our sidewalls look great and are made to fit your specifications, so they’ll not only be serving a functional purpose, but an aesthetic purpose as well.


Sidewalls For Home Use

We’re fortunate enough to have customers who have reported back how happy they were with their sidewall purchases, sending photos showing us how they put our high quality vinyl sidewalls to use. While both of these applications were somewhat different from each other, both of these customers are on the right track. In addition to using our custom vinyl sidewalls for your restaurant or business, they can also be used in your home! Are you the sort of person that wants to create a space or atmosphere in your home that combines the convenience of the indoors with the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors? High-quality vinyl sidewalls are the perfect way to bring these two worlds together, conveniently allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while still enjoying the benefits of an indoor space. Whether you’re looking to enclose your outdoor patio or transform your gazebo into a charming poker shack, our high quality vinyl sidewalls can help you get creative in giving your home a sense of earthy outdoor charm.

Sidewalls For Outdoor Events

Obviously, one of the main uses for sidewalls comes as parts of our high-quality custom-made tents. By incorporating sidewalls into your custom-made pole or frame tent, you’ll be able to give your tent a sense of class and elegance. Adding windows or other charming touches to your already gorgeous tent will further create a one-of-a-kind space. Our sidewalls will help make your tent look even better, while letting in an amount of natural light as well.

Custom Vinyl Sidewalls For Sale

Those are just a few examples as to how our custom-made sidewalls can work for your custom-made tent, home, or restaurant. American Tent & Sidewall is proud to provide our customers with the best in vinyl tents and sidewalls, providing you with American-made quality and affordable prices as well. To learn more about our custom made vinyl tents and sidewalls, contact American Tent & Sidewall today!

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